BMW Locksmith Services:

We offer the following BMW key services:

  • - Replacement BMW fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen BMW key solutions
  • - Spare BMW Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty BMW Keys
  • - BMW Keys Broken in Lock
  • - BMW Keys Locked in Car

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BMW Car Key Services

BMW Locksmith Manchester

BMW Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

Aston’s Access can supply and program around 99% of BMW car keys on the road today, even when all keys are lost.

Want to know how easy we make it getting a new replacement car key for your BMW car?

Get it touch, tell us the model and year of your car and get an instant simple fixed price quote (no payment or deposit in advance required). Then you arrange a time for us to visit you, at your place of home, work or wherever. We turn up, Supply, Cut and Program a new key for your beloved BMW in as little as 20 minutes. Payment only on completion and satisfaction. Could we make it any easier for you to replace a BMW key?

If you are locked out of your BMW car, call for our specialised BMW locksmith experts to open your car without a scratch, Zero damage guaranteed.

We can be with you in 30 minutes, the car will be unlocked in less than 5 minutes.

As you’d probably expect from the BMW brand, their immobiliser systems are top level, particularly the latest F series models, with the BMW proximity or smart key.

Making remote control fob keys for BMW vehicles requires advanced knowledge, techniques and expensive BMW key programming equipment to be honest.

All BMW’s have immobilisers since 1995. Their first system was called EWS. For the tech-geeks (like us), this stands for Electronische WegfahrSperrer (Electronic Drive away protection in German). EWS1, EWS2, EWS3 and EWS4 immobiliser boxes are used on models up to around 2005.

This immobiliser system used whats we call the diamond key, due to the shape of the head, using a BMW type 73 rolling code chip.

To make a replacement BMW diamond key takes about 30 minutes as the advanced immo system won’t allow key programming by normal OBD key programmers. The EWS box is removed (above accelerator pedal) and new keys are written in to the box on the bench . The EWS box is then put back on the car. We can also delete any unwanted keys using our BMW software. If you was to send us the EWS box, we could make you a new key that would start the car, without even visiting you.

If yours is the BMW Dash remote (key inserts in to a socket / pod)? These are also called CAS keys (car access system) with the emergency key blade inside the fob. The key blade comes out by pressing the release button and sliding out. This is only used if the car battery is flat, or the BMW rechargeable key battery has died (quite a common situation, they don’t last forever).

It is always, easier and cheaper to produce a new BMW Dash key when you have a key, even if the battery has failed. Occasionally the ECU must be removed to read the ISN number when all keys are lost, so be warned, get a spare BMW dash key, it’s much more cost effective.

F series BMW key programming is even more advanced. Mind boggling technology in truth. Again this is done on the bench, in our state of the art – mobile van workshops. BMW have actually made it impossible to program keys with traditional OBD plug in key programmers. The keys are programmed by removing the FEM (front electric module) or CAS4 box and new keys are made on the bench with seriously advanced BMW – FEM software. Again, be warned if all keys are lost, then the ECU must be removed also to read the ISN (serial number)

These smart or proximity BMW keys merely require the key to be in the car in order for it to start. If the battery dies in the key, the car can only be started by holding the BMW smart fob to the key symbol on the side of the cowling (under steering wheel), whilst pressing the start button. Behind the key symbol is an antenna that ‘reads’ the key directly.

Stolen or lost BMW remote car keys can be deleted from the immobiliser system, ensuring the security of your vehicle.

BMW lock replacement and re-wafering of existing BMW locks services are available, saving you huge amounts on dealer prices.

All work guaranteed and carried out in one visit.

Whatever your BMW replacement car key requirements are, Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths have it covered…

Outside hours service available. Call now on 07966207224 for specialist mobile BMW Car Key Programming Services, from friendly professionals.


My BMW remote buttons have stopped working, why?

Most probably, the internal rechargeable battery in the BMW key has died. However, these are sealed units and most likely, the fob will need replacing.

How do I get a new key for my BMW?

Simply get in touch, we could even do this today, wherever you are.

The key in my BMW door lock just spins around, why?

A very common problem with BMW door locks is they can collapse inside, usually due to the cold. We can repair BMW door locks on site, without the need to replace the whole unit, thus keeping costs down.

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