Keys Locked in Car

Locked out of your car in Manchester, Stockport and all surrounding areas ?

Firstly, don’t panic. It’s easily sortable.

With 3 vans on the road, not just one, we’ll get to you faster. Average door lock opening time under 10 minutes.

Aston’s Access ONLY use 100% non destructive car lock opening techniques. Zero damage guaranteed.

We’re like James Bond, you won’t even know we’ve been.

How is it done you may wonder? Our fully trained technicians ‘pick’ the locks open. Basically a tool is inserted in to the lock and the wafers inside are manipulated in to position, just like then cuts in the key would. Once all the wafers are lined up, the lock will open.

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Keys Locked in Car Manchester

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Keys can become locked in the car for a variety of reasons….

Pressing the boot only button whilst putting shopping away, putting the keys down briefly, closing the boot, closely followed by that sinking feeling of helplessness and perhaps the odd swear word or two.
However many cars these days have an inbuilt ‘self locking’ feature which basically locks the car after a predetermined time, in case you forget to lock the car, and also to prevent ‘car-jacking’ whilst you are driving.

Most of the vehicles on the road today incorporate ‘dead locking’, so the good old technique of using a coat hanger etc to pull the snib up, or pull the door handle is not going to work. All you will achieve is more stress and a few extra scratches to the paintwork.

The ONLY way to get in to a car with the keys locked inside that is deadlocked is to ‘pick’ the lock. We might make it look easy, but trust us, it’s taken each of us many hundreds of hours of painstaking practice to get to this standard.

Call now, day or night for our Car And Van lock opening service, we can get a technician dispatched to you quickly.

Outside hours service available.

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