Daihatsu Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Daihatsu key services:

  • - Replacement Daihatsu fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Daihatsu key solutions
  • - Spare Daihatsu Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Daihatsu Keys
  • - Daihatsu Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Daihatsu Keys Locked in Car

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Daihatsu Car Key Services

Daihatsu Locksmith Manchester

Daihatsu Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

We are able to cut and program replacement Daihatsu keys for ALL THEIR VEHICLES.

FROM 1997 Daihatsu began using transponder keys (or chipped keys). This enhanced vehicle security vastly as it meant that a vehicle would only start when a specific code was transmitted from the transponder in the top of the key. Thus preventing the vehicle being ‘hot wired’ and stolen. The type of chip used in Daihatsu keys is a Texas 4C – fixed code type (or T4).

EXTRA KEYS: Making a spare key can be done quickly, road side, at your home or work (providing you have a working key already).

WHEN ALL KEYS ARE LOST (’97 ONWARDS) this is when we come into our own. Presented with this scenario at the dealers, they have no other choice but to change the vehicles ECU (computer) and a full lock change resulting in a bill well over a thousand pounds ! Using our vast experience in this field, known as Eeprom work, we can have you up and running much quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

KEYS LOCKED INSIDE? Amongst other ways of this happening, many cars will self-lock if left unlocked (often after just a minute!) as a security measure. Using non-destructive techniques we can get into your vehicle and get you up and running again, even outside office hours! Call us immediately.

BROKEN KEYS / KEY BROKE IN LOCK? Key extraction service available. Don’t stress, help is only a phone call away. Keys when keys are badly broken / worn down, solutions are at hand.

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