Porsche Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Porsche key services:

  • - Replacement Porsche fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Porsche key solutions
  • - Spare Porsche Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Porsche Keys
  • - Porsche Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Porsche Keys Locked in Car

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Porsche Car Key Services

Porsche Locksmith Manchester

Porsche Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

After significant investment in Porsche key programming software and Porsche key programming equipment, we are now able to make replacement Porsche keys for the following models….

As you’d probably expect from the Porsche brand, their immobiliser systems are top level.

Making remote control fob keys for Porsche vehicles requires advanced knowledge, techniques and Porsche key programming equipment.

We can now supply and program Porsche keys at your location saving you the extra expense and hassle of the 2 visits required to the Porsche dealers, once to order and pay for the key in advance, and another to get the key programmed when it arrives days later. Hardly convenient is it? What if this was your only key? Do you really want your Porsche motor dragged on the back of a truck and carted off to the dealers? Neither would we.

We can even assist with a Porsche key fob replacement if you’ve lost your only Porsche key. Not only that, the chances are, we will have your Porsche car key in stock today, right here, right now. Meaning you’ll be back driving your beloved Porsche with minimal delay.

We can replace keys for some Porsche models in a matter of minutes, however most Porsche’s require more time. Specific transponder pre-coding data is required to be extracted out of the Porsche BCM (Body Control Module), or PAS (Porsche Alarm System) before key programming is possible. This is done on the bench in one of our state of the art mobile van workshops, meaning we can replace a Porsche key in one visit, at your location, home or place of work.

If you’ve managed to lock the keys in your Porsche, or the car has ‘self locked’ on you, with the keys inside, then this is straight forward for us to gain entry to retrieve the key from a ‘locked out’ Porsche. You notice we say gaining entry rather than ‘break in to the car’? This is because our expert lock picking technicians provide the Porsche car opening service by using 100% non destructive techniques, with zero damage guaranteed. We’re like James Bond, you won’t even know we’ve been.

Opening any Porsche door lock is achieved in minutes, so stop beating yourself up if this is your dilemma, it happens to the best of us. Get in touch, day or night for our seriously quick Porsche car lock opening service. Outside hours service is also available.

Stolen or lost Porsche car keys can be easily deleted from the on board computer, ensuring the security of your vehicle.

Porsche lock replacement and re-wafering of existing Porsche locks services are available, saving you huge amounts on dealer prices.

All work guaranteed and carried out in one visit.

Whatever your Porsche replacement car key requirements are, Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths have it covered.


Can only the dealerships make new keys for Porsche cars?

No, this is not the case. We can do the vast majority of replacement Porsche keys.

Most Porsche vehicles, as you’d probably expect, have advanced immobiliser systems that require advanced technical knowledge and very specialist equipment for the programming of Porsche keys. Get in touch for an instant fixed price quote for your beloved Porsche today.

I’ve had my only Porsche Cayenne key stolen, what should I do?

Firstly, secure the vehicle if at all possible, by blocking it in, buying a wheel clamp or tying a Rottweiler to the car until the situation is resolved.

Then contact us, day or night. We can supply and program a remote fob for your Porsche Cayenne AND delete the missing key from the cars immobiliser memory. Door lock changes are also available to fully secure the car to insurance standards.

Can you access a Porsche if the car key has been locked inside?

Yes, no problem. All modern Porsche vehicles are equipped with deadlocking as standard, picking the lock is the only non-destructive way to gain entry to the car. We can do this for you at your location, with a zero damage guarantee. Perhaps now’s a good time to consider getting a replacement Porsche car key made? Plus, having 3 vans on the road, we’ll get to you quicker than the competition. Call / email day or night.

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