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We offer the following Toyota key services:

  • - Replacement Toyota fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Toyota key solutions
  • - Spare Toyota Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Toyota Keys
  • - Toyota Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Toyota Keys Locked in Car

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Toyota Car Key Services

Toyota Locksmith Manchester

Toyota Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

We are able to cut and program replacement Toyota keys and remote fobs for ALL THE VEHICLES ACROSS THE ENTIRE RANGE. Not only this, we come to you and do it!

FROM 1996 Toyota began using transponder keys (or chipped keys). This enhanced vehicle security vastly as it meant that a vehicle would only start when a specific code was transmitted from the transponder in the top of the key. Thus preventing the vehicle being ‘hot wired’ and stolen. The first chip was a Texas fixed code type 4C, more rarely a Philips type 33 (T5).

WHEN ALL KEYS ARE LOST (’96 ONWARDS) this is when we come into our own. Presented with this scenario at the dealers, they have no other choice but to change the vehicles ECU (computer) and a full lock change resulting in a bill well over a thousand pounds ! Using our vast experience in this field, known as Eeprom work, we can have you up and running much quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

STARTING FROM 2000 (though later in most Toyota’s): They enhanced vehicle security further by using crypto chip’s, which rather than having a fixed code, they had a rolling code which changed every time the car was started. These chip’s are known as Texas crypto 4D type.

IF YOU HAVE A KEY ALREADY and simply require a spare Toyota key? Toyota key programming is very straight forward and takes a matter of minutes with our market leading equipment.

REMOTE KEY FOBS: If you’re after a remote central locking fob (even if you don’t have one at present) then we can provide this for you (providing the vehicle came with one originally). Generally from 1998 onwards most Toyota vehicles came equipped with remote fobs. Ask for details.
In a small number of cases, the fobs are the only option as they not only activate the central locking, but also turn the alarm on and off.

KEYS LOCKED INSIDE? Amongst other ways of this happening, many cars will self-lock if left unlocked (often after just a minute!) as a security measure. Using non-destructive techniques we can get into your vehicle and get you up and running again, even outside office hours! Call us immediately.

BROKEN KEYS / KEY BROKE IN LOCK? Key extraction service available. Don’t stress, help is only a phone call away. Even when keys are badly broken / worn down, solutions are at hand.

STOLEN KEYS: Had a key, or your only key stolen? If one’s gone missing or you’re unsure if someone else may have a copy then we can get this key deactivated from the vehicles memory , ensuring YOUR CAR STAYS IN YOUR HANDS! Lock changes or even re-coding existing locks where possible are also services we provide on site.


I have lost my only Toyota car key and the dealer has advised they need to replace the main ECU, immobiliser unit and change the locks. Is this the only solution?

Absolutely not, no. For over 10 years we’ve been doing the speciality key programming for Toyota cars known as Eeprom work, which enable us to make new keys by extracting / writing data from / to these control units which means no replacement units are required, saving you a small fortune. Get an instant quote today, you’ll be glad you did.

We can even adapt your existing locks, saving you having to buy a new replacement Toyota lock set to keep the costs down.

My Toyota Yaris key is broken, held together with tape, can this be repaired?

Almost certainly. We’ll be able to repair your Toyota car key fob at your location, with our mobile car key repair service. We’ve done hundreds of these over the years, so no matter how bad you may think it looks, by the time we’ve finished, you’ll have a fully working Toyota remote key, looking like new, with a 12 month guarantee on the work carried out. Call now for a quote.

How do you unlock your Toyota when the smart remote key won’t work / battery dies?

Take the emergency blade out of your Toyota smart key fob by pressing the small release button on the side of the remote. Unlock the car manually. Then to start the Toyota vehicle, take the ’T’ emblem / Toyota badge on the back of the fob and press the start button with your foot on the brake. The antenna inside the start button reads the transponder in the Toyota remote key directly allowing you to start the car.

I’ve had my only Toyota smart key fob stolen, the dealers have quoted £1400 for the job, is this my only option?

My goodness, NO! Toyota have a unique immobiliser system, that only allows the dealers to make a new key if you have a working key. Without a working key they’re stumped. They replace the entire immobiliser system with a new lock set, at a cost of £1400 and upwards.

As Toyota immobiliser programming experts, we can add new keys in to the immobiliser system without replacing the system, saving you a fortune. Not only that, we can delete stolen keys from the Toyota and save you even more money by re-configuring the existing locks, rather than having to replace them with new locks. Call now for our Toyota smart / proximity car key replacement service.

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