Vauxhall Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Vauxhall key services:

  • - Replacement Vauxhall fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Vauxhall key solutions
  • - Spare Vauxhall Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Vauxhall Keys
  • - Vauxhall Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Vauxhall Keys Locked in Car

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Vauxhall Car Key Services

Vauxhall Locksmith Manchester

Vauxhall Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

We are able to cut and program replacement Vauxhall keys and remote fobs for ALL THE VEHICLES (Vans included) ACROSS THE ENTIRE RANGE.

From 1995 all Vauxhall keys had transponders (or ‘chips’) embedded in the key head, to enhance security (prevent the vehicle being ‘hot wired’). The type of transponder first used by Vauxhall from 1995 was a philips-fixed code type 33, widely known in the industry as a T5 chip.

Transponder keys were employed because only when the vehicle receives a certain unique code from the transponder inside the key will it be allowed to start.

IF YOU HAVE A KEY ALREADY (1995-1998) and simply require as spare: Copying or ‘cloning’ is very straight forward and takes a matter of minutes with our market leading equipment.

IF YOU HAVE LOST ALL KEYS (1995-1998) then firstly a lock will have to be decoded in order to make a mechanical key which turns the locks. Secondly, vehicle specific ‘logic’ has to be written onto a transponder, inserted into the key head and finally this is introduced to the car’s ecu (computer) memory via plugging into the OBD (communication) port with a specialised tester / pin code security (see security code below).

FROM 1998 Vauxhall increased vehicle security by using by using ‘crypto’ chips with rolling codes. These chips were Philips type 40 (or T12 chip).
This meant new keys can only be programmed by plugging in specialised equipment into the car and coding the key(s) directly into the vehicle’s memory using a security code.

The SECURITY CODE if missing can be supplied by ourselves. It should be in the
cars document wallet.

REMOTE KEY FOBS: If you’re after a remote central locking fob (even if you don’t have one at present) then we can provide this for you (providing the vehicle came with one originally). Generally from 1998 onwards most Vauxhall vehicles came equipped with remote fobs (1996 for Vectra and Omega models).
In a number of cases, the fobs are the only option as they not only activate the central locking, but also turn the alarm on and off.

KEYS LOCKED INSIDE? Amongst other ways of this happening, many cars will self-lock if left unlocked (often after just a minute!) as a security measure. Using non-destructive techniques we can get into your vehicle and get you up and running again, even outside office hours! Call us immediately.

BROKEN KEYS / KEY BROKE IN LOCK? Key extraction service available. Don’t stress, help is only a phone call away. Even when keys are badly broken / worn down, solutions are at hand.

STOLEN KEYS: Had a key, or your only key stolen? If one’s gone missing or you’re unsure if someone else may have a copy then we can get this key deactivated from the vehicles memory , ensuring YOUR CAR STAYS IN YOUR HANDS! Lock changes or even re-coding existing locks where possible are also services we provide on site.


My Vauxhall Vivaro ignition has been hard to turn lately and now it won’t turn at all. The dealers want me to go down to them with 3 forms of ID in the same name / address and then it takes 7-10 days to arrive. What are my options?

Pick up the phone to Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths, we can do this today. We have the Vivaro (and Vauxhall Movano) replacement ignitions in stock.

This is a common problem due to poor design within the lock. They just aren’t built to last. For a professional, mobile, car and van Auto lock repair and replacement service, get in touch without delay. Let’s get you back on the road today.

My Vauxhall Corsa D car battery went flat, now the car won’t start, why?

This problem only occurs with the Corsa D model (2006-2014), mostly on cars up to 2009.

The flat battery means the cars BCM (Body Control Module) has insufficient power to work properly, causing it to lose its coding. Now the car thinks this is an unmatched part i.e. a security risk, thus immobilising itself.

A tell tale sign is the picture of the car with the spanner through it on the instrument display.

Fault codes this generates with diagnostic tools are….

  • P1632 – Wrong transponder key.
  • P1678 – ECM identification failed
  • P1679 – Wrong environment identifier received BCM
  • B3114 – Remote key not synchronised
  • B3925 – Wrong environment identifier received IPC
  • B3929 – Wrong environment identifier received SDM
  • B3977 – Wrong environment identifier received ECM.

The solution is to re-program the BCM with the cars security code (we can extract this from the car easily) and then re-match the BCM, ECM (engine control module), IPC (instrument panel cluster) and SDM (sensing diagnostic module – airbag).

For our Vauxhall Corsa D BCM re-programming service, call now for a quote.

I have a replacement Vauxhall Astra Intelligent Key but I don’t have the Vauxhall Car Pass, can you provide these?

Yes and yes, we can easily extract the cars security code and the intelligent Astra (Zafira B model also) key is a stocked item. We can do this today, get an instant quote by phone, day or night. Or use the contact form if you prefer.

The key blade has snapped on my Vauxhall Insignia, can you help?

This is also very common on the Astra J model (2009-2015). This will need to have the key replaced. Call now, we can get you mobile again today.

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