Replacement Car Keys

Aston’s Access auto locksmiths technicians (Chris, Scott and Ian) have nearly 30 years combined knowledge as mobile car and van key replacement specialists. We bring a lot to the table. Throw some acute attention to customer care in to the equation and technicians that are passionate about their work. To be frank and honest with you, we ******* love it!

Forget about just Car Key Replacement, we make keys for anything on wheels.

Van key replacement.

Truck key replacement

Motorbike key replacement.

No matter how difficult the job, and trust us we undertake some pretty tricky operations, we don’t shy away from the difficult stuff.

If it’s humanly possible, we’re having it. If it’s not, it goes on the ‘to do’ list.

Chris Aston, the boss, loves spending money on new equipment, new software and tools more than anything. Seriously, anything. Why? Because it means we’re constantly keeping ahead of the game, constantly striving to be the best at what we do. Plus, he’s a tech geek who likes new toys!

We cater for any Replacement car and van key situation you can throw at us….

Maybe you require a replacement car key because you’ve bought a new car which only came with one key. Whether it’s just a basic non remote key as a back up, or a genuine manufacturer branded remote, we’ve got you. Seriously, there’s about a 99% chance we’ve got your replacement car key in stock, right here, right now. With 3 vans servicing this area, we’re packing ammo guys. Try us!

Maybe you require a replacement Van Key because yours has become unreliable and the fob is working intermittently. Perhaps we could repair this if you want to keep the cost down. Remember, the most important tool in any van is the Van Key itself. Without it, it’s just a big box with stuff in. Having a second van key is essential. Can you really afford to take time off work, to let customers down, potentially harming your reputation? Get a spare van key today, we’re ready to go.

Perhaps you’ve bought a car with 2 keys and you just want to be sure there’s no other keys programmed to it. No problem, we can delete any keys from vehicles except the ones you possess, ensuring your car stays on your drive. Call and ask about our car and van key reprogramming mobile service.

From the minute you speak to Chris or Scott, you’re in safe hands. Friendly guys first and foremost, they will give you an honest, simple, fixed price quote for whatever vehicle you have. For example, if it’s possible for you to have a cheaper non – remote key for your car, instead of an all singing and dancing fob key, we’ll tell you this.

Whilst the vast majority of our remotes are genuine, in some cases we may have a cheaper non – branded alternative. We’ll explain this also. We want you as a customer for life, not to just just make a quick buck. This starts from the moment you ring, we want your trust. The only way we’re going to obtain that is by being honest from the outset. This is one of the reasons why we’ve achieved 5 star status on both google reviews and (Over 150 google reviews and counting).

Outside hours service available.

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