Mercedes Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Mercedes key services:

  • - Replacement Mercedes fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Mercedes key solutions
  • - Spare Mercedes Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Mercedes Keys
  • - Mercedes Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Mercedes Keys Locked in Car

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Mercedes Car Key Services

Mercedes Locksmith Manchester

Mercedes Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

After huge investments in Mercedes key programming software and equipment, we can now supply and program keys for the vast majority of Mercedes vehicles on the road today, including…

We can also replace Mercedes keys for older vehicles using the Mercedes flip remote key.

We can provide new keys when all keys are lost for classic Mercedes models also. We love a challenge, so bring it on. Whatever your Mercedes car key requirements are, we’re ready and willing.

As you can probably imagine, Mercedes have probably the most advanced immobiliser system, on any car on the road today. BMW a close second.

Whether you have the older – flip remote keys with a transponder chip (type 33 rolling code), or whether you have the newer – Infrared type key (chrome style or plain black) that plugs in to the dash / EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch), Aston’s Access can supply and program keys for Mercedes vehicles, even when all keys are lost.

Making keys to Mercedes, requires expensive, advanced equipment and software. Mercedes immobiliser systems are not like any other car, so specific Mercedes key making courses have been attended by our engineers and these aren’t cheap either.

Not many auto locksmiths do Mercedes keys, for this reason.

Aston’s Access use the very best equipment on the planet for doing Mercedes keys. If we can’t do it, no one can!

Give us a call day or night, to get a fully trained Mercedes car locksmith visit you at your location and provide you with a replacement Mercedes Car Key in one visit.

If you’re locked out of your Mercedes car or van, or perhaps the car has self – locked on you, then don’t panic. We can sort this and quickly.

Call now for our expert Mercedes car opening specialists, who can pick the door lock open in a matter of minutes. More importantly, we’ll do this with 100% zero damage guaranteed. Depending on your location, we can be with you in as little as 30 minutes, getting you back in your ‘locked out’ Mercedes with minimal fuss. This service will not adversely affect the functioning of the door (or boot lock) in any way. You wouldn’t even know we’ve been.

Where we blow the dealers out of the water, apart from pricing, is that we have your Mercedes remote key fob in stock today, right here, right now.

Yes we can make a new key for your Mercedes car or van today! How cool is that?

Ordering a new key from Mercedes would require you to go down to the dealership, with all your ID, pay for the key in advance, then wait up to 10 days for the key to be cut and pre-programmed in Germany. When the key arrives, you then have to book an appointment to get the key programmed, take the car down to them, then hang around for an hour or 2. Who wants to go through all that?

What if you’ve lost your only Mercedes key? 10 days off the road choosing the dealer route, then the hassle of having to get the car transported on the back of a truck to them. Hardly a slick process, is it? Plus, do you really want your beloved Mercedes dragged on the back of a recovery truck? They can’t be steered remember if they have the electronic ignition.

Want to know how easy we make it getting a new Mercedes replacement car key?

Get it touch, tell us the model and year of your car and get an instant, simple fixed price quote (no payment or deposit in advance required). Then you arrange a time for us to visit you, at your place of home, work or wherever. We turn up, Supply, Cut and Program a new key for your beloved Mercedes in one visit.

Payment only on completion and satisfaction. Could we make it any easier for you to replace a Mercedes key?

We also provide and cut the emergency key blade for your Mercedes remote fob, even if you don’t have one to copy.

Stolen or lost Mercedes remote car or van keys can be deleted from the immobiliser system, ensuring your Mercedes stays in your possession and not the thieves. Get in touch ASAP, day or night if this is your situation, time is precious in this scenario.

Mercedes lock replacement, and re-wafering of existing Mercedes locks services are available, saving you huge amounts on dealer prices.

All work guaranteed and carried out in one visit.

Whatever your MERCEDES replacement car / van key requirements are, Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths have it covered…

Outside hours service available. Call now on 07966 207224 for our specialist mobile Mercedes Car Key Programming Services, from friendly professionals.


Can only the dealers make replacement keys for Mercedes?

No. We can supply and program replacement car and van keys for Mercedes vehicles the same day. Get an instant quote today, we can even help when all Mercedes keys are missing, lost or stolen.

My Mercedes car key has been stolen, what should I do?

Firstly, if you have another key for the Mercedes then move it to a secure location, thieves are ruthless. If that was your only key, then if possible, block the Mercedes in. If not, get in touch with Astons Access auto locksmiths immediately. We can not only supply you with a new key for your Mercedes, but we have the equipment to delete the stolen key from the cars memory / immobiliser system.

How much does it cost to replace a Mercedes key?

Probably less than you think. Save £’s on Mercedes main agent prices. Don’t forget, it can take up to 2 weeks for Mercedes dealers to order the keys in from Germany also. Get a simple instant quote right now.

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