Mini BMW Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Mini BMW key services:

  • - Replacement Mini BMW fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Mini BMW key solutions
  • - Spare Mini BMW Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Mini BMW Keys
  • - Mini BMW Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Mini BMW Keys Locked in Car

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Mini BMW Car Key Services

Mini BMW Locksmith Manchester

Mini BMW Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths are able to supply, cut and program new keys to all Mini models up to current day, including…..

The ‘classic’ Mini (1996-2000) used the 2 button Lucas remote as part of the immobiliser system. Programming of these fobs is very straight forward and is completed in a matter of minutes.

When BMW bought the Mini brand in 2000, starting with the Mini One model, the immobiliser system was enhanced greatly.

Mini adopted BMW’s EWS immobiliser platform. For the tech-geeks (like us), this stands for Electonische WegfahrSperrer (Electronic Drive away protection in German).

All Mini car keys from 2000 onwards are precoded, which means every car has unique a pre-coded transponder, to it and it alone. Basically, this means you can’t just pull a key off the shelf, like you can with most other manufacturers, and program it by conventional key programming equipment.

The first Mini’s (2 and 3 button bladed keys) using EWS immobilisers are programmed differently. The EWS4 box (above the accelerator) is removed and the key data (eeprom) file is extracted with specialist software and equipment. New keys are added directly (or deleted in lost or stolen Mini key scenario’s) in to the EWS box itself. The EWS is refitted to the car with a working transponder chip (type 73 BMW rolling code). The 2 button Mini remote fobs are programmed with a bar code with standard key programming equipment, the 3 button Mini remote fobs are coded with a basic manual procedure.

We also supply and program The Mini dash remote (round type fob) that slots in to a socket / pod in the dash.

The Mini dash key started in 2006 with the Mini Hatch model (later on other models), with the start of the CAS (Car Access System) immobiliser platform. This is an even more complex immobiliser system that required us to invest significantly in new BMW Mini key programming software.

We can now make replacement keys for Mini even when ALL keys are lost (or stolen). Not only this, we can also delete lost or stolen Mini car keys from the cars immobiliser system, ensuring the security of your car. Mini Car replacement lock services are also provided. All work carried out in one visit to you. All our work is fully guaranteed.

We can cut you a new Mini car key blade (or emergency key blade inside the fob) even if you don’t have one. How do we do this? By picking and decoding the door lock, a pretty straight forward process.

If you’re locked out of your Mini, call for our specialised Mini locksmith experts to open your car without a scratch, Zero damage guaranteed. We can be with you in 30 minutes, the car will be unlocked in less than 5 minutes. Think we’re joking? Call now and put us to the test.

Getting a spare key for your Mini is always the best policy. It is always cheaper to make a spare key when you already have one. Not only this, if you are a 2 Mini car key owner and you lose one, you’re not stranded helpless. Remember a Mini without a key is just a nice box, until a new key is made.

The latest F series Replacement Mini Keys are also covered. Even when all are lost, call now for a price.

Outside hours service is available.


How do I replace my Mini key?

Get in touch by phone or using the contact form for a simple fixed quote. We can provide and program replacement Mini car keys across the entire range, even when all keys are lost.

My keys were accidentally locked inside my Mini, can you help?

Yes, and fast. Our team of 3 expert auto locksmiths will pick open your door lock, with 100% damage free entry, within a matter of minutes. As we have 3 vans on the road, we’ll get to you quicker than the competition. Call now when you’re ‘locked out of my Mini’.

Why have the buttons stopped working on my Mini remote car key?

This is usually down to the rechargeable battery inside the key dying. Unfortunately, the remote is a sealed unit and repairs don’t last long enough, so we simply replace the key with a new one.

If yours is the earlier 2 button Mini remote key, then these usually fail due to the micro switches on the board being damaged. Fortunately we repair these and get them working and looking like new again. All repairs come with a 12 month guarantee.

Call now for our professional Mini car key repair and replacement service.

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