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We offer the following Smart key services:

  • - Replacement Smart fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Smart key solutions
  • - Spare Smart Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Smart Keys
  • - Smart Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Smart Keys Locked in Car

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Smart Car Key Services

Smart Locksmith Manchester

Smart Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths are able to supply and program remote key fobs for all Smart cars on the road today.

Call anytime for a simple, fixed price quote on a replacement Smart car fob. We will have your key in stock. Yes, thats right, we can even do this today.

Did you know the reason the Smart brand is owned by Mercedes, is because the original founder was so worried that one of the bigger car companies would hijack his idea of a small 2 seater car, he joined forces with Mercedes to avoid this? Originally it was going to be called the ‘Swatchmobile’ as the Smart brand also own Swatch watches.

If you have lost one of your Smart car keys we can visit you at your location, and replace your lost Smart car key easily whilst you wait.

We stock all Smart car keys, including the following models….

Starting with the awesome Smart Fortwo in 1998, all Smart cars are equipped with immobilisers as standard. What this means is that in order for the car to start, the car needs to identify a programmed key, only then will the immobiliser be turned off.

The first immobiliser system for the Smart Car is controlled (activated / deactivated) by the remote fob buttons…

The unlock button deactivates the immobiliser.

The lock button activates the immobiliser.

This basically means, if the battery goes flat in your Smart Fortwo car key (up to 2006), then you won’t be able to start the car.

Getting a spare key for your Smart car would therefore be advisable, if not for this reason alone.

Nearly all other car manufacturers incorporate transponder chip technology, so this fob – controlled immobiliser system is slightly different.

In 2006 the Smart Fortwo car key moved to the more advanced immobiliser system, which used a transponder chip (type 46) inside the key, the button operated central locking being separate to the immobiliser. This again, is straight forward to program.

If you’ve locked your remote key inside your Smart car, depending on your location we could have the vehicle professionally opened (100% Zero damage guaranteed) within 30 minutes of you making the call. Because we have 3 active vans operating in the area, we’ll get to you much quicker than the one – man – band competition. Call us on 07966 207224 to see if we can back this claim up!

Stolen or lost Smart car keys can be easily be deleted from the immobiliser system, ensuring your Smart car stays in your possession and no one else’s. Get in touch ASAP, day or night if this is your situation, time is precious in these scenario’s.

Whatever your SMART replacement car key requirements are, Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths have it covered…

Outside hours service available. Call now on 07966 207224 for our specialist mobile Smart Car Key Programming Services, from friendly professionals.


I have a 2005 Smart Fortwo (W450). The fob activates 9 blinks on the hazard warning lights, but the doors won’t lock / unlock and the car won’t start. Why is this?

A common problem with this model (W450), not a very robust immobiliser system. Often caused by the battery going flat. However this can also happen by pressing the buttons when away from the car, causing the remote to lose it’s rolling code. This model’s remote key fob turns the immobiliser on and off, it does not contain a transponder chip.

The solution is to re-program the key, straight forward. Call now for our Smart car key programming service.

How do I get a replacement car key for my Smart Forfour car?

We can supply and program remote keys for all Smart Forfour cars. get in touch anytime for a free quote. We have all the Smart car keys in stock today.

Can you cut and program keys for a Smart Fortwo?

Yes, all 3 generations of the Smart Fortwo 'super car’ are covered with our software.

  • Mk1 Smart Fortwo car keys (1998-2007)
  • Mk2 Smart Fortwo car fobs (2007-2014)
  • Mk3 Smart Fortwo car remotes (2014-present)

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