Honda Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Honda key services:

  • - Replacement Honda fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Honda key solutions
  • - Spare Honda Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Honda Keys
  • - Honda Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Honda Keys Locked in Car

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Honda Car Key Services

Honda Locksmith Manchester

Honda Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

We are able to cut and program replacement Honda keys and remote fobs for virtually ALL THE VEHICLES ACROSS THE ENTIRE RANGE.

Up to 1995, Honda keys didn’t utilise transponders (or chips) and therefore don’t  need programming. Therefore making new keys for this era of Honda is much more straight forward. Even with lost key situations, we’ll have you up and running in no time at all.

FROM 1995 all Honda vehicles use transponder keys (with a red master key system used first) as pictured above. The red master key was merely a ‘learning’ key for programming extra keys. The transponders contained within keys from 1995-1999 were either known as a philips fixed code type 33 or megamos type 13  (or ‘T5 chips’).

STARTING IN 1999 with the Accord (2000-2001 for other models), Honda enhanced vehicle security further by using transponder chips (or ‘crypto’ chips) with rolling codes that changed each time the car was started. This meant new keys could only be programmed by plugging in our specialised equipment in to the vehicle and coding the key(s) directly in to the vehicles ECU (computer) memory, thus making unauthorised duplication far more difficult.

IF YOU HAVE A KEY ALREADY (1995-1999/2000) and simply require as spare: Copying or ‘cloning’ is very straight forward and takes a matter of minutes with our market leading equipment. A worn or broken key may take a little longer, but not a big problem.

LOST ALL KEYS (1995-1999/2000) – RED MASTER KEY SYSTEM ?  This is where we come in to our own. Present this scenario to Honda and they would replace the immobiliser system & supply a new red master key. Only then could they code a key in. This is considerably expensive.
NOT ANYMORE! At Aston’s access we have the software, vast experience and expertise to overcome this situation by using a technique known as eeprom work. The vehicle’s key data is extracted from the vehicles ECU or immobilser and then written to the transponder which starts the car straight away.

SPARE KEYS (AND REMOTE FOBS) AFTER 1999 UP TO PRESENT DAY: We can come to you and provide you with a spare key(s), separate remotes or a combined remote central locking fob.

LOST ALL KEYS AFTER 1999 ONWARDS: No problem, we can solve this easily.

KEYS LOCKED INSIDE? Amongst other ways of this happening, many cars will self-lock if left unlocked (often after just a minute!) as a security measure. Using non-destructive techniques we can get into your vehicle and get you up and running again, even outside office hours! Call us immediately.

BROKEN KEYS / KEY BROKE IN LOCK? Key extraction service available. Don’t stress, help is only a phone call away. Keys when keys are badly broken / worn down, solutions are at hand.

STOLEN KEYS: Had a key, or your only key stolen? If one’s gone missing or you’re unsure if someone else may have a copy then we can get this key deactivated from the vehicles memory , ensuring YOUR CAR STAYS IN YOUR HANDS! Lock changes or even re-coding existing locks where possible are also services we provide on site.


I’m locked out of my Honda, keys inside, what can I do?

With nearly all Honda vehicles being equipped with deadlocking as standard, picking the lock is the only non-destructive way to gain entry to the car. We can do this for you at your location, with a zero damage guarantee. Perhaps now’s a good time to consider getting a spare Honda key made? Plus, having 3 vans on the road, we’ll get to you quicker than the competition.

How do I get a new replacement key for my Honda?

Whether it’s for a spare, or if you’ve lost your only key, we can help. Simply call or contact us via the contact form, tell us the model and you’ll get a simple, fixed quote including all work at your location.

Honda Jazz key not opening drivers door, why?

This is very common, particularly with models like the Jazz that didn’t come with remote central locking.

Inside the lock they have split wafers which were introduced to make picking the locks more difficult. Unfortunately, this is the weak link within the lock barrel and leads to the cylinder jamming. Our master lock technician Scott has repaired over 50 or so of these. All with a 12 month guarantee. Call now for this expert service.

How much is a replacement Honda car key?

Probably less than you think. Save up to 50% on main agents prices and avoid the 2 or 3 days wait for the dealers to order the key in. The chances are we can make you a new Honda car key today.

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