Peugeot Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Peugeot key services:

  • - Replacement Peugeot fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Peugeot key solutions
  • - Spare Peugeot Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Peugeot Keys
  • - Peugeot Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Peugeot Keys Locked in Car

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Peugeot Car Key Services

Peugeot Locksmith Manchester

Peugeot Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

We are able to cut and program replacement Peugeot keys and remote fobs for ALL THE VEHICLES ACROSS THE ENTIRE RANGE.

Up to 1996, Peugeot keys didn’t utilise transponders (or chips) and don’t need programming. This includes vehicles using the keypad system. Therefore making new keys for this era of Peugeot is much more straight forward. Even with lost key situations, we’ll have you up and running in no time at all.

FROM 1997 all Peugeot vehicles use transponder keys as pictured above (including remote fobs also). The transponder contained within keys from 1997-2000 is known as a philips fixed code type 33 (or ‘T5’).

Transponder keys were employed because only when the vehicle receives a certain unique code from the transponder inside the key will it be allowed to start.

STARTING IN 1998 with the 206 and 406, Peugeot enhanced vehicle security further by using ‘crypto’ chips with rolling codes that changed each time the car was started. These chips were Philips type 45.

FROM 2001 all Peugeot vehicles used rolling code chips. These chips were Philips type 46 (or T14).
Up until this year (2010), this meant that the programming of new keys was only possible by plugging diagnostic equipment into the vehicles OBD (communication) port and using a PIN code to complete the programming, hence making unauthorised duplication even more difficult.
As we constantly invest in technology and have the very latest equipment on the vans, now standard keys (ie. non remote type) can be programmed without needing the PIN code in a matter of minutes (providing a working programmed key is available).

Making spare Peugeot keys (1997-2000) is very straight forward and done on site in a matter of minutes.
Lost key situations, however will require a PIN code which is found under a scratch panel on a plastic ‘SECURITY CARD’ the size of a credit card in the owners wallet. If this is missing , we can quickly obtain this code for you. You do not have to go to the dealers to get this.

REMOTE KEY FOBS: If you’re after a remote central locking fob (even if you don’t have one at present) then we can provide this for you (providing the vehicle came with one originally). Generally from 1998 onwards most Peugeot vehicles came equipped with remote fobs.
In a number of cases, the fobs are the only option as they not only activate the central locking, but also turn the alarm on and off.

KEYS LOCKED INSIDE? Amongst other ways of this happening, many cars will self-lock if left unlocked (often after just a minute!) as a security measure. Using non-destructive techniques we can get into your vehicle and get you up and running again, even outside office hours! Call us immediately.

BROKEN KEYS / KEY BROKE IN LOCK? Key extraction service available. Don’t stress, help is only a phone call away. Keys when keys are badly broken / worn down, solutions are at hand.

STOLEN KEYS: Had a key, or your only key stolen? If one’s gone missing or you’re unsure if someone else may have a copy then we can get this key deactivated from the vehicles memory , ensuring YOUR CAR STAYS IN YOUR HANDS! Lock changes or even re-coding existing locks where possible are also services we provide on site.


How can I get a replacement Peugeot car key?

As we have large stock levels, we’ll have your Peugeot key fob available for you today. We can program the entire range of Peugeot cars and vans up to current day. For a professional Auto Locksmith for Peugeot vehicles, get in touch for a great price and even better service.

My Peugeot car key has fallen apart, can you help?

Indeed we can. The flip type Peugeot car keys are a poor design on the whole, not what you’d call built to last. We provide a comprehensive mobile car key repair and replacement service, get in touch for free, friendly advice and a simple, fixed price quote. All work fully guaranteed. In many cases, we can supply a remote fob that is better quality than the original Peugeot key.

Can I get a replacement Peugeot key without the plastic key code card?

Worry not. we can sort this, no problem. In most cases, we can extract this from the vehicle. Where this isn’t possible, we can obtain the pin code quickly.

My Peugeot Partner van key has been stolen, what should I do?

Firstly, if you have another key van then move it to a secure location, thieves are ruthless. If that was your only key, then if possible, block the van in. If not, get in touch with Astons Access auto locksmiths immediately. We can not only supply you with a new key for your Partner, but we have the equipment to delete the stolen key from the vehicles memory / immobiliser system.

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