Lost Stolen Car Keys

Aston’s Access Auto Locksmiths are able to assist you in both lost car key, or stolen car key scenario’s, even if it was your only key (for nearly every make and model).

In either case, don’t panic, these things happen to anyone and everyone. It’s sortable.

If you’ve lost your car key, get in touch straight away, day or night. Remember, not everyone who finds a lost key on the street hands them in. Quite often, sadly, a lost car key situation can result in a stolen car if you don’t act quick enough.

We can replace lost car / van keys for almost every vehicle on the road today, car, van, truck or motorbike. Even if you’ve lost your only car key.

All work, from gaining entry to a locked vehicle, cutting the key blade and all immobiliser and car remote programming is carried out on site, in our state of the art vans, in one hit. Meaning, you could have a replacement car key within an hour of making the phone call.

With having 3 vans on the road, we’ll get to you quicker than the competition.

We stock over 95% of all car and van remote key fobs on the road today, so there’s no messing about ordering parts like with the dealers. Did you know it takes up to 2 weeks for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat to order keys in from Germany? We have your key in stock today. Try us.

Lost Stolen Car Keys Manchester

If your car (or van) key has been stolen and the thief / thieves know it’s location, then immediate action is required. If they’ve stolen your key, they will steal your car given half a chance. We deal with stolen car and van key on an almost daily basis it saddens us to say.

The first thing we advise, if you have another key available, is to move the car somewhere to a secure location.

If your only car key has been stolen, then perhaps block it in with another car. A wheel clamp is an option if this isn’t possible.

The next thing to do is contact us immediately, day or night, by phone is best. You’ll get a quote instantly. We can attend your vehicle and replace the stolen car key at your location. Even more, with our market leading key programming software, we are able to delete the stolen car key from the vehicles immobiliser system, rendering the stolen key useless. We will do this in front of you, for your piece of mind.

We also provide a lock replacement service, to guarantee thieves are unable to gain entry to the car / van by using the key in the door lock. This should be carefully considered, especially if valuable items / tools are kept in your car or van.

Your insurance company may even cover the cost of your stolen car key situation. Even if they don’t, they will expect you to have the stolen key deleted from the vehicles memory and a lock change so the car can’t be accessed through the door lock / locks. Failure to do so would invalidate any theft claim.

In most cases, we are able to reconfigure the locks already on your car, rather than replacing with new locks, which means not only are you going to save a considerable amount of cash, the work is carried out in one hit because no new parts need to be ordered.

We’ve dealt with hundreds of insurance claims over the years, all our work is carried out to the highest standards. We didn’t earn 5 Star Google review status by cutting corners and shoddy work practices. To us, reputation is everything.

Give us a ring, day or night, or use the contact form if you prefer. Aston’s Access Auto locksmiths provide the most comprehensive and professional lost and stolen vehicle key solutions around. For free, friendly advice with all the options available to your situation will be explained to you. Simple, fixed price quotes will be given. Our prices don’t go up if we encounter any hurdles along the way. If we give you a price, that’s it. Period.


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