Saab Locksmith Services:

We offer the following Saab key services:

  • - Replacement Saab fob required
  • - Lost or Stolen Saab key solutions
  • - Spare Saab Key Options
  • - Broken or Faulty Saab Keys
  • - Saab Keys Broken in Lock
  • - Saab Keys Locked in Car

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Saab Car Key Services

Saab Locksmith Manchester

Saab Car Key Replacements and Lock Repairs

We can cut and program replacement keys / remote’s for virtually all Saab vehicles.

Don’t wait until you lose your only key before you get a spare as the COST TO RECTIFY THIS WILL BE CONSIDERABLE (the module containing the cars immobiliser has to be replaced). Get a spare now before it’s too late.

If, however, you have lost all keys, we guarantee to get you up and running again, beating the dealership’s price hands down.

Are your keys locked inside the vehicle? Has your key broke in one of the locks?


How do I get a replacement Saab key?

Simply pick up the phone and call, or fill in the contact form for an instant quote (telephone is quicker). We can supply and program your Saab key, on a mobile basis, outside working hours service available.

My Saab 9-3 key is falling apart, can you help?

We consider this our speciality! All 4 micro-swiches are replaced and a new, high quality outer case to get your Saab 9-3 key repaired so it looks and performs as new. We can also replace and cut a new emergency Saab key blade if required. All repairs come with a full 12 month guarantee. For our expert Saab 93 car key repair service, get in touch today!

I’ve lost my only Saab 9-3 key, can you provide a replacement?

Yes. Without a working Saab 9-3 key, normal key programming isn’t possible by even the best car key programming equipment.

Specialist Saab immobiliser knowledge and training is required.

The solution is to remove the CIM module located under the steering wheel (the immobiliser is located within the CIM) and write new transponder data (eeprom) into the CIM module. Re-fit the unit and start the car.

We also have solutions to 'all keys lost' on Saab 9-5 models.

Call now for a quote.

How do you replace the battery in my Saab 9-3 fob?

Very carefully. It’s easy to break the key irreversibly if done incorrectly.

Here’s how… Remove the emergency key blade, sometimes a flat head screwdriver is required to prize the blade out as they often seem to be welded in!

Then use the screwdriver in the recessed area on the end of the key, and gently prize apart.

Replace with a CR2032 battery. NOTE: When putting the 2 halves back together make sure that you line them up perfectly first, before squeezing the 2 halves together until it clicks in place. Failure to align the 2 halves correctly first often results in breaking the battery contact inside.

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